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Every call counts. Because every missed call is a call for change.

Six years ago, Glenn took his own life after a nude of him was shared on social media. He was 15 years old at the time. It was a picture he had taken with his mobile phone that was meant for one person. To mark the European Day for the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, we are using that same phone as a tool against transgressive sexting and exposing. By calling Glenn and saying your name, you will be signing a petition for a better online protection of minors.

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What happens online often has cricital consequences offline. So sign our petition for a better online protection of minors. You can do this by leaving your name on Glenn's voicemail. Would you rather not call? No problem. You can also sign the petition online by entering your details below.

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What do we want to achieve?

With this campaign, we want to give young people better online protection against transgressive sexting and exposing. This is our call.

To policymakers

Work together to create a society free from sexual exploitation, both offline and online. Write strong laws, invest in prevention and support for victims and do all this in consultation with young people, parents and experts.

To society

Let us change attitudes so that potential bystanders do not get caught up in the group dynamics of such exposing groups and encourage them to leave these groups.
We need to make potential perpetrators aware of the real consequences of their actions. Calls for victim-blaming, slut-shaming, exposing or doxing are criminal acts, are never innocent and have huge consequences for the victim.

Together, we want to stand up for victims and reassure them: if it happens to you, don't be ashamed and seek help from an adult confidant or an organisation like Child Focus. You are not alone.

What is trans­gressive sexting?

Sexting is a combination of the English words sex and texting. It refers to the exchange of sexually oriented messages, photos or videos. This is usually done on your mobile phone. If you and your friend are both okay with it, there is nothing wrong with engaging in sexting. But it is not OK if it becomes transgressive. That means that someone is pressuring you to forward something, people are forcing nude images on you, or pictures are being forwarded without your consent.

What is exposing?

Exposing is the act of sharing naked images online, often with private information such as your name, phone number, social media accounts and even home address. This is usually done via social media such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, TikTok, Instagram or Telegram, whether or not within so-called expose groups. The victims are boys and girls, and very often minors, who are humiliated, harassed, scolded, threatened and even blackmailed.

Find help here

Are you yourself a minor facing transgressive sexting or exposing? If so, contact Child Focus on this toll-free number: 116 000. We are ready to help you day and night. If you have questions about suicide, please contact the Suicide Line.

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Do you come across naked or sexually abusive images of minors online?
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